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Thank you for visiting the Kasson Mantorville #11 lodge homepage.  On this site, you will have the opportunity to learn about our activities, and also about who we are.   If you are interested in upcoming events for the lodge, please visit the upcoming events page, or the calendar.

If you are interested in affiliating with a lodge close to the Kasson/Mantorville area that is growing, and contains a collection of Brothers and friends - we would love to hear from you.   You may contact us at:

We believe in our community and do our best to support it through our various programs including: scholarships, Kids ID, and a whole slew of other activities you can read about on our involvement page.  If you agree with our mission, and would like to assist us in helping the local community, please consider making a donation to one of our many causes. 




11 Fifth Street West
Mantorville, MN 55955

(Send correspondence to:
   PO BOX 11
   Mantorville, MN 55955 )



The lodge door is located behind 5th and Clay street.   The lodge itself is above the post office - look for the square and compass on our door (facing Clay street), and go up the stairs.


Stated meetings are on the second Tuesday and fourth Wednesday of each month (except weeks of holidays)

Appendant Bodies

Order of the Eastern StaR

Rochester Chapter #193

Masonic Motorcycle Club International

M.M.C.I. Chapter #43

York Rite


My brain is the key that sets my mind free.
— Brother Harry Houdini

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